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One of the major decisions a good content producer needs to take is about the online publication. Besides the quality of the content and all on page optimization, the web hosting provider is an immensely important factor to discuss.

After all the web page that is not on the first page of Google would not get enough visibility and exposure and as a result, may not get enough visitors. Having your content appear on the first page of Google, is very much similar to having your business front, in real life, in an excellent real estate position vs. opening your shop in a dark street in a back ally.

For this website, and after very rigorous research, we decided to settle with Smart SEO Hosting. There were many factors that helped us narrowed down our list so that we could finally pick that company but here in this post I am going only to list a few of them.

  • Unlike traditional SEO hosting companies, all IPs are not behind the same router. Going with a traditional/old style SEO hosting provider is a severe problem. In that case, all IPs are from the same data center and are behind the same router.

  • We could pick a data center that was much closer to our target audience.

  • All websites come, with free SSL certificates.