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So you have your perfect family photos and now you want to make them publicly available. What is the best option?

The most simple solution is to use website like instagram. You can simply share your photos with your relatives and enjoy all the benefits of social networking. But what if you want something more than just a photo sharing platform?

Imagine if you want to have a blog or even more complicated website that is dedicated to your family. In that case your photos even if still a very important part of your website are not the end goal nor the only future.

When it comes to that there are many factors you should consider but here in this article I am going to discuss something that many newcomers neglect and that is the web hosting provider of your website.

When you host your website it is very important to host with a provider that does not oversell and dedicated resources to your website. It is also important to host your site on a clean neighborhood. You do not want your webhost ranking to suffer because someone else on the network is abusing Google's algorithm.

How to find such a website? Well one option is to search and do your own research. Check people's reviews. or even find a high ranking website, reverse search their IP and see where they are hosted.

Another option is to ask people you trust.

For us here we use the service of Smart SEO Hosting and there is nothing but good experience we had for them for many years. They even at one point moved our domains to Google datacenter itself so we got the lowest possible TTFB to Googlebot.

They also use CloudLinux (to provide dedicated resources) in addition to WHM/cPanel for ease of use and they constantly monitor their network to make sure their IP range stays free and is not blacklisted.